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  • 284 fantasy RPG icons at 32x32px 
  • Bright and colourful palette
  • Icons with and without backgrounds
  • Weapons, armour, potions, food, fishing items, instruments, skills and more      

This is an icon pack with 229 unique icons and 55 recolours, with 284 icons in total. The spritesheet and 32x32 icon size were designed with RPG Maker MV in mind, but these icons can be also used for MZ or any project that can use 32x32 sprites. There are several icon backgrounds to choose from, along with the original transparent option.

You can use and edit these icons for commercial games and projects. Many of these icons were based on designs over at game-icons.net which are CC BY 3.0.  Credit "Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" and "game-icons.net".

Here are all of the icons in the pack listed:    

11 STATUS EFFECTS. Skull and bones, poison, sleeping eye, silenced, cursed, dizzy, charmed, sleeping, paralysis, burned, sweat-drop.  

5 BODY ICONS. Heart, lungs, stomach, brain, strong arm. 

7 BUFFS & DEBUFFS. x3 buff arrows, x3 debuff arrows, repeat arrow.  

16 SPECIAL MOVES. Dripping blade, saber slash, lightning attack, headshot, raining arrows, healing, heal injury, battle gear, guard, ring of fire, disintegrate, fist hit, gust of air, tremor, psychic waves, sunrays.  

9 NON COMBAT ACTIONS. Square speech bubble, round speech bubble, campfire, camping tent, blacksmith, mining, woodcutting, spellbook, steal.  

28 WEAPONS. Wooden waster, longsword, enchanted sword, katana, gladius, saber, dagger, broad dagger, sai, dual swords, war axe, battle axe, flail, spiked club, whip, fist, buckler shield, wooden shield, checkered shield, bow & arrow, crossbow, slingshot, boomerang, wizard staff, x4 magic gem staffs.  

26 CLOTHING & ARMOUR. Robin hood hat, barbute helm, leather helm, cross helm, iron armour, steel armour, leather armour, layered plate armour, blue tunic, green tunic, trousers, shorts, heart boxers, dress, cloak, belt, leather gauntlet, metal gauntlet, leather boots, steeltoe boots, ring, diamond ring, gold necklace, prayer beads, tribal necklace, leather pouch.  

16 HEALING ITEMS.  X4 Normal potions, x4 upgraded potions, x4 rare potions, x3 special brew potions, bandage. 

64 GENERAL ITEMS. Knapsack, axe, pickaxe, shovel, hammer, grappling hook, hookshot, telescope, magnifying glass, lantern, torch, candle, bomb, rope, bear trap, hourglass. Runestone, mirror, shackles, lyre, violin, ocarina, flute, panpipes, hunting/war horn, brass key, silver keyring, treasure chest, mortar and pestle, herb1, herb2, herb. Mushrooms, flower bulb, root tip, plant-pot seedling, plant-pot growing, plant-pot fully grown, money purse, crown coin, bronze coin stack, silver coin stack, gold coin stack, large gold coin stack, receive money, pay money, gems, rupee. x8 books, open book, letter, tied scroll, open scroll, old map, dice, card, bottle of wine. 

31 FOOD. Apple, banana, pear, lemon, strawberry, grapes, carrot, sweetcorn, garlic, tomato, eggplant/aubergine, red chili, mushroom, loaf of bread, baguette, whole chicken. Chicken leg, sirloin steak, ham, morsel, cooked fish, eggs, big egg, cheese, milk, honey, salt, spices, candy, cake, drink.  

15 FISHING ITEMS. Fishing rod, fishing hook, worm bait, lake trout, brown trout, eel, tropical fish, clownfish, jellyfish, octopus, turtle, fish-bone, old boot, fossil, sunken chest.  

11 RESOURCES. Wood, stone, ore, gold, gems, cotton, yarn, cloth, pelts, monster claw, feathers. 

6 ORBS. x6 Orbs of different colours.

39 NEW ICONS. x4 empty flask variants, x4 full flask variants, cauldron on fire, cauldron, horse, wooden beam, wicker basket, x12 powder variants, hand casting magic, x6 magic scrolls, sunrise, sun, sunset, moon, snowflake, hot temperature, cold temperature.

Follow @cheekyinkling on twitter for updates and polls on future asset packs.

You can view the icons and backgrounds using Qitonia's Icon Viewer which allows you to swap between the different spritesheets.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, assets, discord, Fantasy, free, Icons, rpgmaker-mv, rpgmaker-mz, User Interface (UI)


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Nice , i like it


Did he steal your stuff?

Awesome job! I have used your assets in my game. :) 

Check it out: https://andiique.itch.io/jumping-kenny

Hey, thanks for the assets. I used some of them for this game: https://jpcard.itch.io/carphero

Thanks for sharing. I love it

I don't use RPG maker anymore, but your icons are awesome, friend. Love the user name btw!


Hello, thanks a lot for these icons. I used some in my game:


Thanks again!


Thank you so much for these icons. I used some of them in the game I made for my sister for her birthday. She absolutely loved the gift. Thank you ^^ I included you in the credits. https://flowlab.io/game/play/1773998

Very cute game. You're welcome and thanks for sharing! :)


I'm no game dev nor artist, also I'm broke (haha!), so your icons really helped me. Thank you again! Hope you have a great week ahead :)

I'm glad they helped haha, you're welcome. Hope you have a great week yourself ^^


Very cute, I also really like the music you picked.


thank you for you assets https://emmanuel-rosas.itch.io/beyond-the-star you are in the credits.

Cool, thanks for sharing, glad they helped!



I've made an Android game using some of your assets.

Many thanks! Of course you've been included in the credits section

I hope you and everyone else enjoy it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pulo.krip.amazein

Hey looks good, thanks for sharing! :)


These are great! I've purchased a huge icon asset pack from the Unity store but their art style isn't a clean and crisp as this.

Thank you, that's kind of you to say. Hope they help!


Hello, I'm the designer of a new game enginee "GameCreator"(www.gamecreator.com.cn).

Could I use your assets in my enginee?

Hey Reg, yes no problem, just credit "Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks!


Gracias por la aclaración!! Esperaré los de 16x16px  :)  saludos 🤗

Hola; consulta, se pueden cambiar de tamaño sin perder su forma original los iconos a 16x16?

 mis tileset son de ese tamaño, quedo atento. saludos :)

Hola Waloso; No, perderían su forma :( el pixel art se puede cambiar de tamaño hacia arriba pero no hacia abajo. Lanzaré otros paquetes de 16x16 en el futuro. Saludos, Matt

OH man here like a lot
so much that can help me a lot in testing game thx you .w.

Thanks, glad it helps! Best of luck with your game!


Do you have an email i could contact you at?


Hey Savage, contact me at rfenn@tutanota.com or for a quicker response cheekyinkling#8135 on Discord

I want to make a game may i use this and when my game is made may i sell it like im new to all this and dont know how it works so if i can let me k ow pls

Yep no problem, just credit "Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks!

Thank you for this pack!

Can I commercialize it after the second creation?

Not sure what you mean by "second creation", but yes you can use this for commercial games. Just credit "Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks!


Wow, those are very versatile, I found every single icon I needed, and I have very strange needs. Great work :)

Glad to hear it, thanks :)

Can I use this asset pack with the Godot engine?

Use the asset pack for whatever you want. I don't know if Godot has certain requirements/sizes for icons, if that's what you're asking.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi Lusi, I used Photoshop

Thank You For This Pack!


Gonna give this a try in my game. Thanks again for all your help.

Hope it helps!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for creating this!!! I love it! Just to confirm, could I use it in a commercial game?

Yep no problem, just credit "Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks!


Yay, thank you!


Nice work !


Nice work 

I'm going to use these in a game and i'll upload it when I'm done

By the way these are amazing assets!

Thank you


thank you, this is a very good asset for game dev who have no art talent like me XD


Thank you !


You're welcome ^^


can this be used for commercial games or just non commercial games?


Both, commercial is fine.


how do you want to be credited?


"Matt Firth (cheekyinkling)" - thanks! Or just "Shikashi" is fine


Thank you!!!



Awesome pack!



Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.XwinStudio.ShootingStar


Check it out if you want!!
Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3

Thank you for sharing the link, it looks great!! Glad it's been useful! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello again, Shikashi!

Just wanted to throw in a few more suggestions for your icon set, if you are still interested in working on it!

But first let me ask you this - are you familiar with the Github? If so, would you be interested in creating a github repository with the icons where people could get your icons from, and also create pull requests with their own additions and modifications? I personally tried to extend your icon set, but I suck big time at drawing. Mb somebody else will do better and help you expend it!

As for ideas, here are a few:

run away, meditation icon, tornado, cloud, rain, hail, grass icon

spells icons: fireball, magic missile, ice shard, lightning bolt

magic shields: fire shield, frost shield, poison shield, elecrto shield, anti-magic shield

different arrows: like fire arrow, ice arrow, poison arrow, elecrto arrow

Also, I really liked new potion bottles, they are great! Just wish there were filled versions of them of different colors, and if with the '+' signs and sparkles - even better!

One last thing - the sizes of the canvas for different versions are a little bit off - they are 512x867, and 867 can't be divided by 32, which makes some programs throw errors. Also, it might be helpful if you would, in addition, include a folder with each item as a separate file - might help folks using different texture packers. None of these are critical ofc, good developer can do it on their own, but if you already have it and its not a big trouble to include it, I think that might be appreciated.

PS: here are my (mostly failed) attempts to make filled small potion as well as magic curse and cursed trap icons xD

Thanks for the feedback Nightspeller. Your potion doesn't look bad, just needs a couple pixels adding in the shadow and the liquid should have  a steady line on top. and I think the trap would look ok with a less vibrant purple and the middle line a darker purple. 

I will probably do one last update, which will include edits from jclaws. I don't know if I'll be able to do all of your suggestions but I'll include some of them for sure.

I'm familiar with Github, I'll definitely consider that once I've made the final update.

Remember my icons are basically edited icons from game-icons.net, so you can easily make edits by shrinking 'em down and working on top of them. And this is the palette used: https://lospec.com/palette-list/mail-24 (with some small additions) - I hope this helps!


I really love these icons! Exactly what I needed. A shame you give it away for free, these could sell for a buck or 2. If you got a donation link from itch you share it. I see many 16x16 icon packs on itch, which are also very very good though, but just a few 32x32, including this one. And that is a shame as not everyone uses 16x16 dimensions, including me. I bought a tileset pack from itch just now whose tiles are 32x32 so I needed an icon pack to match it. This one is perfect.

(1 edit)

Hey man thank you for the comment. I enabled the donation option, didn't think anyone would actually use it so didn't enable it previously.

I wasn't sure whether to do 32x32 but it seems to have been quite popular so maybe my future packs should be that size too. Best of luck with your project  👍

Thanks a lot! I was about to donate but I see no option for credit card. This option was available when I purchased the other packs. Can you add it somehow? I don't want to go for PayPal again as I had very negative experiences with them in the past. Just using a creditcard seems to work just fine so far. :)

(1 edit)

Ah I can't set up Stripe just now, you have to mess around with tax info etc. In the future I'll have all that ready to go, sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway don't worry about it, take care!

(1 edit) (+1)

Shikashi, loving the icons!  I've edited a few that you might like (and will continue working on some too).  @N0B0DYSC00L Twitter, jovery90@hotmail.com

(1 edit)

Hey I'm glad. Cool, I sent a DM over on Twitter.


Hi Shikashi!  These icons are amazing!  I have yet to incorporate them in an RPG game, but I created a program that lets me easily view each fantasy icon on each spritesheet.  I hope you like it.  Below is a link to that program. Thank you!

Shikashi's Fantasy Icon Viewer

Wow very nice job on the icon viewer!! I've added this to the description above so others can access it easily. Great tool for people to swap the backs and test them out, thanks for sharing Qi!


Hi! I used your assets in a Tabletop Simulator Workshop mod to make it available to other creators!


Hey that's really cool, I've started playing tabletop sim recently. Nice one, gave it a thumbs up and a sub!

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